The Meat Butterfly.

Named 'the Meat Butterfly' by some Instagram and Facebook followers. This is in fact two cote de boeuf.

For me it is the king of the cuts. The taste and tenderness of the rib eye whilst the heat rod of the bone ensures amazing flavour.

This is a essentially a rib eye on the bone. You can either fry it and then roast it or whack it on the BBQ. They work out at about £25 each, but they feed 2-3 people generously and whether rare or well done - are a serious treat.

Best to let it rest of course and then carve it on the diagonal to get a good meat to fat ratio. Of course there are some who would be put off by the fat, and for those who don't like it - the meat will peel away from it very easily, but the flavour will still be there once cooked.