Summer Sharers!

OF COURSE! We do meat for the barbeque. The question you?

We don't do BBQ packs but we do care deeply about your BBQ.

We do very Steak Burgers which are probably the most popular thing we sell this time of year. These are made with steak off cuts, brisket, and the most delicious rib cap fat, pink salt and onion.
We also do Chicken Lollipops which are only 50p each which are a winner on the BBQ, and kids love them. Instead of doing 84 different varieties of meat cuts we ecourage you to buy slabs of meat that you can share with your family and friends. We do a butterfly leg of lamb (in various different sizes) and we marinade it in olive oil and garlic and it is super soft and goes down a treat.

Steak doesn't have to mean you break the bank. We sell a few of the cheaper cuts like Onglet, Flat Iron and this our current favourite - Bavette! We also sell Pork Ribs, Chicken Wings, Lamb Cutlets and all the choice cuts of beef. Ask us for something different if you're sick of the regulars. We also sell a variety of sausage - the ever popular Boerewors which is a large beef sausage with coriander and nutmeg inspired by our South African customers and we have a Sausage of the Week which changes all the time.