Poultry Master Class

Last night was the first of our butchery classes.

Jamie and I showed 25 people how to cut up chickens in a plethora of ways. We spatchcocked, deboned, portioned and trussed. It was a great night and we were overwhelmed with how much people enjoy preparing their food from scratch and the sheer passion for nose to tail eating.

When we talk about nose to tail eating - we mean eating all of the animal. It's not just about the chicken livers (pate) or using the giblets (stock). It's also about the simple chicken fillet. Chefs, cooks and butchers  everywhere roll their eyes when people talk about chicken fillets. It's probably the most common meat that people eat, because it's simple and a crowd pleaser. Just because it's simple doesn't make it boring. We don't discard it because it 'can go dry' we can cook it with the skin on and keep the juices in, or whack it in a stirfry then chuck the skin in the stock because it's okay not to like the taste of chicken skin. Food is about enjoyment - so do what fits you. 

There will be more! Keep an eye out for dates or register interest at info@charlottesbutchery.com
We're excited about the next one already.