Any requests?

So in the last couple of weeks we have been doing some pretty cool stuff.

We welcome customers from literally anywhere; and we have been getting some amazing butchery requests from all over Europe. In my time I have had made some pretty exciting things from our mega popular Boerewors sausage, Lamb Merguez, to authentic Italian Porchetta all the way to our homemade Haggis and Black Pudding.

Due to the omnipresence of social media I am able to find recipes from pretty much anywhere in the world. I have email/twitter contact with butchers from France, Mexico, Argentina, Australia and even Scotland!

We have been working very hard to help recreate dishes from back home for a few customers. We made Guanciale (which is a cured pork cheek used for cooking, a bit like streaky bacon) for a lovely new Italian customer and also prepped the ingredients for Cozido, which is a Portuguese dish - that is going to be cooked for Christmas lunch.We really do love a challenge and find the creative process a lot of fun - so if you're after a specific butchery service we can do that for you - no matter what it is, we'll happily give it a go!