Blast off into September!

September is already mental for Charlotte & Jamie. If our wholesale customers aren't keeping us entertained during the day, as well as our usual retail clients, it's all the added extras. So something that Jamie and I have been doing a lot of is demos! We had a lot of fun doing a dinner at The Northern Counties Club in town, where we cut up an entire lamb and then had the delights of Paul in the kitchen cooking us a storm with 'an entire deconstructed lamb' afterwards - which was super tasty.

Demos are something that we do offer because they are highly educational, entertaining and it's a great opportunity to ask any of those burning questions. You also get the added highlight of watching two siblings laugh and joke together at the same time. With Charlotte's experience with dealing with farmers and learning about the breeding process, Jamie makes for the perfect double act as he is doing a qualification in nutrition.

We are more than happy to take enquires about future demonstrations. Perfect for businesses to learn and engage together especially as the importance of food and well being is essential. Balance is of course very important and being in the food industry we know that better than any, However, these demos are a lot of fun and we do offer audience participation. It really is a fabulous way to learn about meat and where your food comes from.