So recently I was tweeting about a recipe by Nigel Slater which used a cut called Lamb Belly. A really lovely and cheap cut of meat (£5/kg). It's divine and often gets wasted. I was thrilled to see a chef using this cut of meat!

Anyway butchers up and down the country were up in arms, 'It's called Lamb Breast you fool' 'This is the problem chefs trying to reinvent the wheel', 'They do this all the time, bloody chefs!' 'Why are they trying to eradicate our tradition?'

And I thought to myself WHY are you getting so upset about terms of cuts. Providing the Great British public are still buying the cuts, from little butchers -  that's the point - it doesn't matter what we actually call it. Lamb breast is the same as belly or lap or whatever you want to call it. As long as we get there in the end why does it matter?

It's up to us as butchers to establish what you want and to know all the terms for cuts.

As far as I'm concerned give meat cuts whatever name you feel like in my shop. In fact, the more creative - the better.