Filming in Mexico for Old El Paso

So as some of you may know I have recently returned from Mexico. What the hell were you doing there? Well I was actually filming an advert for Old El Paso they took me and a fishmonger called Simon Bennett who owns Wet Fish Shop in Lyme Regis. Why us? Well to be honest I genuinely still don't know. But they wanted to take a butcher and a fishmonger over to Mexico for a Mexican Food Adventure and that is definitely one word to use to describe it.

We spent time with an elderly sage of a cook who lives in Puebla just outside of Tehuacan - which was my favourite place. She lives in a beautiful courtyard and her entire family live all around her, and they have a farm and do a lot of cooking and have all their meals together. We also went to a fiesta to celebrate the saint of their local church which was absolutely amazing - for St James the Apostle (Santiago Apostol) - there were fireworks and local dancing, which hilariously we also had to get involved in. It was fantastic. We then travelled to Ensenada where we went on a boat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it was a proper fishing boat and it was unbelievable to see how they catch the fish. We also went to this fabulous cantina afterwards where one or several margaritas were drank...

But more importantly the food we tried was absolutely fantastic. The freshness of all their fruit and veg makes such a difference, and most Mexican food is exactly what you would expect. They enjoy smoky spices, avocados with pretty much every meal, they also love cheese, normally cow's cheese and it tends to be delicate in flavour but it has a great consistency. They also serve tortilla chips with all meals.

I spent a couple of hours in a butchery there which was very interesting. It was right in the middle of the food market in Tehuacan and I was in my element. The butcher there was more than happy, despite the enormous language barrier, to show me whatever I wanted to see. In Mexico the chickens are fantastic, they were as big and juicy as the ones that I sell, but they are corn fed and they feed them on yellow flowers to make them even more yellow. The beef was tasty too, but they tend to use slow cook cuts, like shin, or skirt. Nothing is wasted over there, they even cook the bark of the beef once it has been marinaded in lemon juice and heavily salted, something that I must try at some point.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I'm very much a home bird; but I had to take this once in a life time opportunity by the horns, if you will.