More to Easter than eggs..

So every year without fail it's like a secret quest to see what we can see instead of lamb legs. Our lamb is beautiful and reared in the pastured of County Durham. Now there is nothing wrong at all with a gorgeous leg of lamb - but let's be honest if they're bone in, they can be a mission to carve. YES of course we can tunnel bone it out for you and make it easy to carve but how about something different?

This year I'm determined to get you to try something else. So what about these?
First we have a Rolled Loin of Lamb Roast this is like the Rolled Sirloin of the lamb world. The King of Cuts and it works out at £21/kg and it is easy carve and very tender.

Then we have this Marinated Lamb Joint with Rosemary, Garlic & Olive Oil. Due to it being marinated for 7 days the oil softens the meat right up, and trust me it's divine.