What's your beef?

There is so much in the media at the moment about beef - is it good for you or is it bad?
There are two schools of thought right now about the glory that is cattle. Red meat is good for you, and the other red meat is bad for you.

Pros -
Tastes delicious
Looks so appetising
Rich in protein
Healthy fats in it
Contains Vitamins B12, B3 and B6
Also has Zinc, Iron and Selenium
Does not contribute to the risk of diabetes.
Variety of choice

Cons -
Risk of bowel cancer
Contains fat
Hardens blood vessels
Unsure of traceability
Livestock production has a huge impact on our planet
Animal Cruelty

Now everyone has their own opinions and it is important to remember that we're all entitled to them. But the thing is firstly everyone should have a balanced diet, a mixture and we must eat fresh when possible and try and understand where our meat is coming from. We're very lucky to have full traceability in this country and I trust my farmers implicitly and I like to think that you guys trust me. If you are 'fat conscious' then tell us - we can trim cuts or recommend alternatives to suit you. I try and get in lots of poultry, as that 'doesn't count' in terms of the cons that are mentioned.

The important thing is that we keep communication going - work out what is best for you. Even Huw and I don't eat meat every day!

In terms of the medical side of things - obviously I am not a doctor - but surely everything has pros and cons - even veg. We're constantly reading things about booze, coffee, food, exercise - for instance too much running can damage your knees, and even too much water is bad for you.

But it's like I always say. Everything in moderation. Including moderation.