As if we all didn't have enough to do.
Fancy opening a cafe and delicatessen? Sure. Why not?

So we shall! It is called Marmalade. It is opening in a couple of weeks and we're all very excited about it.Whilst an extension of Charlotte's Butchery it is in fact run by my lovely little brother, Jamie and my partner in crime and general best friend for life Frances - baker extraordinaire. 

After the success of Cafe Beam up the road we're thrilled to be adding to the mix of destinations in Ashburton Village. 

What will be doing you ask?
Hot food, cold food, condiments, snacks, cakes, scones, tea, coffee, soups, sandwiches, light bites, good craic, canny atmosphere, and other exciting shenanigans. 

Watch this space. For the sheer comic value if nothing else....