In the shop we get incredibly excited about haggis and Burns' Night in general, for a start, it is normally an absolute hoot and we're all a little bit ridiculous. However we also like to try different things with haggis. For instance, Amelia and I have been looking at recipes for beef wellington with haggis instead of pate, haggis versions for cottage pie, haggis burgers and sausages. 

Essentially, it's a heavily seasoned minced meat - super versatile and definitely worth a try! I'd advise you not to be concerned about what it contains because at the end of the day who decided which bits of the animal were worth eating anyway? Some people find it odd eating something like kidney...which is fine and you may find it gross, but is it any less gross than a steak off your back...which is sirloin. I think it is best to immerse yourself in the flavour experience. And follow it up with a whisky..