Smoked Chicken..

So a lovely regular customer asked if we could arrange for her to have a smoked chicken and I told her I could see what I can do. Amazingly Broom Mill Farm in County Durham can supply locally farmed, slaughtered and smoked chicken. They also supply our dry cured bacon and gammon which is superb. We're incredibly lucky to have these artisan suppliers at our finger tips. There is more happening in the North East than we're aware of and specialists are cropping up left, right and centre; which is super exciting. 

The chickens are available to order but we may need a bit of notice. Watch this space.

The joy of smoking meat and poultry is that it can easily add extra depth to any dish and it's an instant flavour. Someone once asked me what the purpose of unsmoked bacon was. I like variety in my life, so I told them that I'm here to cater to everyone..