Gluten-free products

'What's that tape measure for?' a customer just asked me.
'Well', I replied, 'we try to tailor your meat to your tastes as much as we can'.
Okay so clearly I need to work on my customer ba
nter - but the sentiment was there.

We really do try and ensure that you're eating habits are in your own control.
Whether this means to make a cut fattier to ensure the favours for cooking are perfect or whether you want super lean meat.

And whilst we don't cater to Vegetarians as much as we'd like to (we do sell vegetable stock though..). We try to cater for our gluten-free friends. We can do anything fresh to order with as little notice as 24 hours. There is also no minimum order, so even if all you want is 3 sausages, that is not a problem. Recently we had a lady come into the shop who, due to her allergies had never had venison sausages, so we made her some with a slightly different, rusk free seasoning. And she was able to try something different. 

Give it some thought..