Christmas is coming...but not just yet.

So we've had a steaktastic Summer and the kids are going back to school.
September has always excited me in terms of Autumn being just around the corner. For those of you who have been in the shop - you'll know just how warm it has been in here; it's not been meat friendly or Charlotte and Amelia.. weather at all.
However, as we await the slower cook cuts of meat and the braising and the stewing we can focus on that before we start to think about Christmas.
I know we all like to be organised and we all enjoy planning things. However I think September is still far too early to start thinking about Christmas. I for one, enjoy the build up. I'm not asking for Last minute Annies who order on the 23rd December. But for once let's just enjoy the seasons natural progression.

Incidentally we'll be taking orders for Christmas after the October half term. For now let's just look forward to it and enjoy September...!